Unofficial Brooklyn Center Resident Survey 2017
In January and February of 2017 a company hired by the City of Brooklyn Center called a random sample of 400 citizens of Brooklyn Center and asked them questions about their thoughts on the city. There are a little over 30,000 residents in the city, so 400 people is about 1.3% of the citizens. There were about 171 questions in the survey and it was indicated that it took an average of about 29 minutes to conduct the survey over the telephone. I thought there were a couple of problems with the survey (other than the wording and choices of the questions and answers). The sample size of 400 seems a little small to me, but that was probably a result of cost. I thought that conducting the survey on the telephone, especially with the large number of questions, leaves room for people to not always be truthful with the person conducting the survey (see Social desirability bias) and by the end of it people may be getting a little exasparated with the amount of time the survey was taking (Survey Response Fatigue) and would stop listening to the survey taker and stop thinking too much about the answers they give. Delivering the survey via the Internet should help ward off a little of the Social Desirability Bias, because you really are anonymous, no one can judge you. Since I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to take the survey, I didn't want to vary from the subjects and questions asked in the city's survey, so I haven't changed the number of questions. Be aware of Survey Response Fatigue and fight it, you can take as long as you like to answer the questions. If you do get tired of answering questions, feel free to go to the very bottom of the page and "select" the 'Submit your answers' button because all of the questions you have answered up to that point will be saved. When the results are tallied, there will be two sets, one for completed surveys and one that includes both complete and incomplete surveys.

The survey here uses the same questions that were asked on the official survey. There are some questions that don't get asked unless you answer other questions in a certain manner. You will not be asked for any personal identifiable information, so you can be as honest as you want. Most of the questions have an option of "Don't want to answer". The only information that is retained are the answers to the questions and the IP addresses of the computers where the survey is being shown. The only reason the IP address is retained is to allow only one survey to be submitted from one IP address.

It would be best to answer all the questions in one session, but it is possible for you to answer some of the questions, submit the survey, and return to the page within a week with all your previous answers still filled in on the survey. As long as you return to the page within 7 days, don't clear cookies and your IP address doesn't change, your previous answers should be remembered. Once you have completed the survey, your IP address is "locked out" and you will not be able to take the survey again from the same IP address. At the top of the page you will see an ID number that is used to keep track of your answers, your IP address, an indication of whether any data displayed on the page came from your browser or out of the history table of the database, the number of times you have viewed (submitted) the page and a list of all the questions that still need to be answered.

The "Submit your answers" button is at the bottom of the page, you can submit your answers at any time and as many times as you want, but the survey will not be complete until you answer all of the required questions.

Thanks for your time. Take the survey!